4th of July

4 07 2009

So the big news around here is that it’s the 4th of July and we have NO PLANS!  WOOHOO!  Conrad and I decided to plan some fun things with the kids and just do our own thing this year.

Last night we took the girls to see Disney’s “Up” which was charming.  Loved it and so did the girls.  We came home and set up “camp” in the sunroom which seemed like a really good idea.  And then the air matress started leaking.  Do those things ever not leak?  I’ve never found one that stays inflated all night.   I made it until 4:00 this morning before my hips were getting sore from sleeping on concrete.  I came into the house and slept on the couch until about 6:30 when Conrad’s snoring woke me up. . .he was on the other couch.   So it wasn’t the best night of sleep I’ve ever had, but it was a fun thing to do with the girls and they thought it was great.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful today.  I definitely hope to spend some time outside. . .but I’m feeling a purge session coming on, so I think I’ll spend some time going through closets, toy boxes, under beds, etc. Must get rid of junk!

Happy 4th!




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