One Week To Go!

7 08 2009

We are down to the last week before Carla’s wedding!  Can’t believe it’s this close.  You can probably imagine what my life is like right now, so let’s hear it for bullet points!

  • I am eating toast with natural peanut butter and bananas right now.  And a cup of coffee.  Let’s hope it keeps me going for a while!
  • Kimmie is coming home today from a week in Wisconsin.  I can’t believe we used to live 7 hours apart.  This week has been lonesome just knowing she’s not home.
  • My awesome husband and kids cleaned the basement this week (break out into “The Hallelujah Chorus” here).  The trick is to keep it clean for a whole week.
  • Have I mentioned at any point that the day after the wedding, the whole family is coming to my house for brunch?  Yep!  That’s around 60 people.
  • Believe it or not, I am not stressed about that.  I do hope to have my house is reasonable order by then.  If I look around me right now, however, and consider the condition of this house, that might cause stress which might lead to chest pains, which might lead to the emergency room, which would ruin a perfectly good Friday.  So, I’m not looking around.
  • I am not making any of the food for this brunch, which is why I’m not stressed.  All I’m going to do is unlock my front door and put a fresh towel in the bathroom.
  • The county fair starts today.  We will probably squeeze in a trip to the fair at some point this week.  I hate it, but the girls love it (and Conrad secretly does to), plus it’s the only time all year I allow myself to indulge in fried pickles.
  • Conrad’s laptop is officially done.  This week he had smoke coming from it.  Literally.
  • I have made it my goal to be in bed by 10:00 every night from now until the wedding.  It’s an effort to preserve my sanity.  The crazy thing is how early I’ve been waking up!  This morning I woke up at 5:45 and felt really rested.  So, I got up and did 30 minutes on the treadmill before my pilates class.
  • The above statement is really amazing, especially when you consider I have been known to roll out of bed at 6:24 and still make it on time to my 6:30 pilates class.
  • I just signed up for Fantasy Football.  Is it that time already?
  • Speaking of football, I really hope Rich Rodriguez pulls his act together and has an undefeated season and takes UofM all the way to the National Championship.  One can always hope.
  • My disastrous house needs some attention.  I cannot put it off any longer.

And on that happy note, I’m off to tackle my to-do list!




4 responses

7 08 2009
Sally Rummel

Vicki, as always I am wowed by what you accomplish and the woman you’ve become! You have always been very, very special!

9 08 2009

You make me laugh. As sorry as I am about Conrad’s (I definitely just typed Conner instead of Conrad there, but I corrected it…no worries) laptop, the mental picture of his reaction to smoke coming out made me laugh out loud. Good stuff.

11 08 2009

I love reading yours and Kimmie’s blogs! Thanks for the updates!

11 08 2009

I read your blog and you do make me laugh. Hope this wedding and time with family is fantastic and blessed.

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