Wedding Pictures!

22 08 2009

Okay. . .I stole some pictures from other people’s Facebook pages, so credit goes to Charity Oxley, plus a few random family members for these pics.  Thanks guys!

One part of the centerpiece was vases filled with coffee beans and a candle.  I wish you could have smelled it!


My sister made over 300 of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted!  Mocha, in staying with the coffee theme.


Here’s two pictures of the bridal table at the reception.  I loved the sparkly effect of the lights being under the tablecloth.  So pretty.



The happy couple, Brandon and Carla!


They had one of the nastiest cake fights I’ve ever seen at a wedding!  Carla was smelling chocolate for hours afterward!


My sister and I (and her adorable son, Conner) before the wedding.  We did most of the music for the wedding and it was really fun to sing with her again.  It’s been too long!

Carla's wedding August 2009 029

I don’t know why this picture is so small, but I wanted to include it anyway.  I just love how it captures me bossing my dad around.  I’m very amused by it.


And again, a small one (my smart husband says it has something to do with the pixels, but no matter what I try, I can’t get it bigger without it being really blurry).  Anyway, this one is of my girls.   I think the cameraman must have said something like, “Which one is Lydia?”


My dad took this one of me.  It captures how I felt toward the end of the wedding.

Carla's wedding August 2009 071(2)

I may post a few more pictures as they come in.  In the meantime, I’m moving on to other things, including B and L going back to school!  They start second grade on Wednesday!




One response

24 08 2009

i love wedding pictures. 🙂

your dress is so cute, your girls are adorable, those cupcakes look amazing.

and, i like your blog’s new look.

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