First day of school, and no back to school shopping!

27 08 2009

Today I sent B and L out the door for the first day of second grade!  Can’t believe how grown up they look!

first day of school 018

I’ve been meaning to tell you about my amazing friend, Wendy.  Here’s the story:  she has a mother-in-law who is extremely generous (or has a serious shopping addiction, depending on your views).  She buys enormous amounts of clothing for Wendy’s two daughters, who are right about the same age as my twins.  In fact, she buys so many clothes that Wendy can’t possibly use them all.  So, Wendy, being the kind and gracious gal that she is, passes things along to me (honestly, I think I would take things back to the store and keep the cash, but then again, I’m not as nice as Wendy).  So Wendy calls me up to let me know she has a huge bag of clothing for me so I decided not to buy any school clothes until I know what is in that bag.

So I get the bag.  Oh. My. Word.  The bag is crammed full of clothing and is so heavy that my biceps and I can hardly handle it.  I drag it into the house, spread everything out on my living room floor, and am astonished to find that every single item still has a price tag on it.  Brand new clothing just given to me, and all but about 5 items fit.  Just out of nosiness curiosity, I grab my calculator and start adding up those tags.  The total?  $944.  Yes, that’s right.  Nine-hundred and forty-four dollars of clothing given to me.  Now, in her defense, I don’t think she actually paid that much for them, because most of the items had a marked-down price on it.  But still.  That’s a lot of clothing.

So, just to assure you that I am not exaggerating, I took some pictures.  The crazy thing is how she buys things in sets, kind of like she’s buying for twins:

first day of school 001

And here’s the whole lot:

first day of school 006

Can you believe it??  So I bought new shoes and a pack of socks for the girls and that was the extent of my back-to-school shopping!  WooHoo!!

The crazy thing in all of this??  If you’ll notice in the picture above, there are no jeans (NOT that I’m complaining!! ).  The girls have definitely worn out their jeans from last year, so I had it in my mind that eventually  I’ll need to buy them new jeans.  I just got a call from my awesome mother-in-law wondering what size jeans the girls are wearing right now, because she’s shopping and wanted to send them  something for school.

My God shall supply all our needs according to his riches in glory. . . Thanks be to God and to Wendy’s mother-in-law and to my mother-in-law!




3 responses

27 08 2009

That is incredible!!!! Wow, praise God! 🙂 This gave me such a thrill for you! He’s provided for us in some similar ways with winter clothes for our furlough- isn’t He awesome??

27 08 2009

that in amazing. i’m so happy for you! there’s nothing like seeing that God provides above what we expect.

and, i have found cake wrecks before and laughed till i cried. i’m so glad you found it too. 🙂

28 08 2009

That is so Awesome! God is amazing!

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