Summer Pictures

5 09 2009

It’s Labor Day Weekend which is the official end of summer.  Can’t believe it’s here already!  There’s a few pics I’ve been wanting to post of some fun things we’ve done this summer that didn’t make it into any other post.

Playing softball!  This was a first for us, and although I got tired of the running around, we all really enjoyed our first season!

pics 025

pics 056

Our 4th of July campout in the sunroom.  This is as close to camping as I like to get:

pics 010

Canoeing on the Mad River with our friends who were visiting this area.  They are missionaries in Hong Kong. . .we would love to visit them someday!

pics 019

Out trip to Indiana~we spent a few days with my mom.  We took our 2nd annual trip to the blueberry farm with all the kids.  They loved it!

pics 001

Lydia showing off her blueberries:

pics 002

My Mom and all the grandkids (my brother has 1 girl and 2 boys and my sister has 1 boy):

pics 025

The older girls got their ears pierced this summer and they were anxiously awaiting the time for them to change their earrings.  When it finally rolled around, we decorated jewelry boxes for them to keep all their new earrings in.  They loved it!

first day of school 008

That’s all for now!  Labor Day Weekend is usually a big family reunion for me, but since we’re just a few weeks past Brandon’s and Carla’s wedding, there aren’t as many people coming this year.  We’ll still have a good time, I’m sure!




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