For Memory’s Sake

7 09 2009

Before I get started on this entry, Conrad and I just had a little discussion about whether the title is grammatically correct.  I think it is. . .right?  I don’t think it should be “For Memories Sake” because that would be plural.  David??  Are you out there??

ANYWAY.  I ran into several people throughout the summer who hadn’t seen my children in a while.  Inevitably, their first question was, “How old are your girls by now?”  My standard answer is to say that the twins are seven and my baby is three.  And then I say, “And I want her to be three forever!”  I remember when my twins turned 3 I felt like I was finally enjoying them!  They were potty-trained, they ate normal food, they didn’t need sippy cups, and we could all survive if they missed their nap every now and then.  I love 3 year olds!!

I feel the same way about Ellie.  She is the most charming 3 year old I’ve ever had!   Everything she says strikes me as hilarious and my favorite thing right now is how she makes up songs.  So for the sake of my memory, which is sure to fail me, I am writing down a few of my favorite things about my favorite 3 year old:

She likes having her hair in 2 braids.  A.DOR.A.BLE.  The other day she started pulling the rubber bands out of her hair and I said, “No way Jose!”  and she said, “Uh Huh Jose!”

A few nights ago, I told her to sing me a song about Promise (Brandon and Carla’s dog).  In a very random melody, this is what she came up with:  Promise is Carla’s dog.   I like Carla.  But I don’t like Brandon.  I like Carla better, I like Carla better, I like Carla better. . .

While she was in the songwriting zone, I told her to sing me a song about her new lunchbox.  Also in a very random melody:  I love my new lunchbox.  I like to put peanut butter and jelly in my new lunchbox.  But I also like ham and cheese so sometimes I do both.  I also like bananas in my new lunchbox.

We were playing “Operation” last week and when we put the game away we couldn’t find the rubber band that goes with it.  So she looks at me and starts singing, “I lost the rubber band, I lost the rubber band, I can’t find the rubber band. . .” and after that went on for a while she looks at me and says, “Mommy, did you like that song?  It’s new.”

She came up to me with a kitchen towel and a clothespin and asked me to pin the towel to her “becauth I’m a thuper-hewo.”

I could go on and on. . .all of the stuff I just wrote about happened within the last week!  Needless to say she keeps me laughing and I am enjoying her so very much.

I am always amused at how she tries to keep up with her big sisters and how she rides her tricycle through our house like a woman on a mission.  Her tricycle has a little trunk on it, in which I have found rotten sippy cups, the remote, the phone, and other important household items.

That’s all for now.  If you’re still reading this, you are a friend indeed.  Thanks for letting me record some very sweet memories of my very sweet three year old!