The Day of the Turtle

12 09 2009

Bryn and Lydia have been on this kick lately where they want to hear stories about when they were little.  This is a story I have recorded in their scrapbook that is one of my favorites:

One day when Bryn and Lydia were 2 1/2 years old I found them playing in Hazel’s flower bed (our next door neighbor at the time).  I yelled out the kitchen window and told them to come back into our yard.  When they started walking back to our yard I could see that Lydia had something tucked under her arm.  When I asked her what it was, she very nonchalantly replied, “A turtle.”  I thought she must have picked up a ceramic turtle from Hazel’s flower bed.  She wandered into the house to watch me make cookers and then back outside to play in the play house and the whole time she had this ceramic turtle tucked under her arm.

About an hour later, Hazel came knocking on my door asking me if I could help her with something in her yard.  We were chatting and I said, “By the way, Hazel, the girls were playing with that ceramic turtle from your flower bed.  I’ll put it back as soon as I find it.”  She looked very puzzled and said, “Honey, I don’t have a ceramic turtle.”  My heart skipped a beat and I thought, “Surely Lydia hasn’t been walking around with a real turtle this whole time. . .nah, not possible.”  But what other explanation was there?

So I went on a mad hunt all through our back yard until finally, on a hunch, I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the playhouse.  There, as content as could be, sat a real live turtle.

Haha!  I still chuckle when I think about Lydia walking around with a real turtle tucked under her arm. . .they played with that crazy thing all afternoon and I thought it was fake the whole time!  Poor turtle had to crawl under the playhouse to escape the grip of a two year old.  Ah, yes, just another day in the life of a mom!