My Newest Addiction

15 09 2009

Etsy.  Yes, Etsy.  I love that website!  I have wasted an enormous amount of time sitting at my computer and browsing away.  I’ve never actually bought anything, although I’m thinking about doing a lot of my Christmas shopping on there this year.

Here’s a few of my favorites (Warning:  If you haven’t already spent time on this site, you are about to plunge into a new form of shopping which may lead to your own addictions, for which I will not be held responsible.  I thought it was only fair to give you the heads up on this.):

Cool Belt Buckles:

belt buckle

Fun Paper Projects:

paper hang tags

Glass Jewelry:

glass necklace big



And don’t even get me started on the kid’s clothes!!  So many cute things and way too many links. . .I couldn’t begin to narrow it down!  You’ll just have to go and see for yourself!!




2 responses

15 09 2009
Sally Rummel

Sarah loves this site, too, Vicki – you are not alone in your addiction! I haven’t “gone there” yet – too busy working on my computer (and checking FB 🙂 to spend much time shopping.

Thanks for the heads up – looks like fun. Maybe you earned a little shopping “treat” after all your hard work at the gym???!!!

17 09 2009

Aaaaah- don’t get me started, Vicki!! I have looked at it briefly but am scared of developing a full on addiction! I think this is great though for supporting artists/crafters and buying really unique gifts- some of the jewelry is so cool. I’m thinking I can show Tom some Etsy shops for b’day ideas!! And the darling handmade baby shoes-help! I’ve got to do that as a baby gift some day. Candice

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