The New Workout

17 09 2009

I am not an athlete.  Never have been.  I carry around a few extra pounds on me (mostly due to Dove Dark Chocolate, chocolate chips cookies, brownies, my sister’s creme brulee, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, Schuller’s donuts, and an occasional margarita).  All things in moderation, you know.

We’ve been members of the local gym almost as long as we’ve lived here.  We aren’t the kind of people that just pay our dues every month either.  We actually go to the gym.  We take advantage of the swimming pool, the weight room, the numerous cardio options, etc.  But despite all of those options, I felt myself getting into a rut and needing a new challenge.

When my friend, Kelly, asked me if I was interested in taking a new class with her, I turned her down.  No thanks.  I have no desire to be anywhere other than my comfy bed at 5:30 in the morning.  Thank you anyway.  Appreciate the offer.

A few days went by.  And I started thinking about it again.  Maybe I should step it up a bit and take on the challenge.  So I emailed her again and said, “Sure.  Count me in.”

They say hindsight is 20/20.  Looking back on it, I should have weighed this decision a bit more carefully.  Some really obvious things were staring me in the face, and I didn’t recognize them.  For example: people who are at the gym by 5:30 in the morning are not just casual meet-you-at-the-gym-we’ll-walk-the-treadmills-for-a-while-and-go-out-for-lattes-afterward kind of people.  Nope.  These people are hard-core.  That should have been my first clue.

If that wasn’t obvious enough, I found out who was teaching the class and I still didn’t get scared.  Don’t know how I missed that one.  Here’s a picture of my instructor:

muscle man2

No. Not really.

Actually, the instructor is a woman and she has dark curly hair, but other than that, the resemblance is remarkable.

The class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:15 a.m.  I have officially survived my first week.  I am proud of myself for getting there on time and for the most part I am even keeping up with the class.

But here’s the catch:  I can’t walk.  Every muscle in my body is screaming in agony over what I have just put myself through.  Twice. And the crazy thing?  I plan to go back for more!!  What??  Yes, that’s right.  My stubborn streak is coming out and I am going to finish this class even if it kills me.

Considering the way I feel right now, that’s a very real possibility.

muscle man




7 responses

17 09 2009
Sally Rummel

You’ve got me laughing early in the a.m., Vicki! Actually I was “up and at ’em” at 5:30 this morning, too, but not working out (unless my writing job counts as that! I’ve already written one story and taken two photos at two different schools this a.m.

You SHOULD be a writer in your second career! You have excellent communication skills – short and punchy, fun to read! Your writing reminds me a lot of Sarah’s – full of fun twists and turns. Really, you’re an excellent writer . . .

17 09 2009

funny stuff! 🙂 it almost motivates me to start a more strenuous workout…almost. let me know how it goes…

17 09 2009

Thanks Sally! Glad I provided a good laugh for you this morning! I enjoy writing and it’s a good creative outlet for me. I appreciate your encouragement!

18 09 2009

I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of your instructor.” That was a fantastic addition to your already funny blog. Nice work.

18 09 2009

Good for you! What kind of workout is it? I’m curious to know why you can’t walk 🙂 I just started pulling 2 toddlers in a bike trailer and let me tell you, that’s a good workout. Yikes. I chickened out this morning and pushed the double stroller instead – just couldn’t face those long hills today.

19 09 2009

I died laughing at this blog entry! Love the pic. Maybe I haven’t seen “her” at the Y after all.

11 01 2010
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