Christmas Gift Ideas

10 10 2009

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, I am trying to get my Christmas shopping done really early this year.  I’ve been researching and brainstorming, budgeting and clicking, and I think I’m done shopping for the girls.  I thought you might like some ideas for your own kids.  The first two are items that we’ve had around for a while that my kids absolutely love.

Great Big God is a series of music done by Vineyard Music and it is the best stuff for kids I’ve ever seen!  We love it all!  If you have kids in your life, or if you are shopping for a kid’s music leader at church, etc. I highly, highly recommend this CD.  If you hit the Vineyard Music Website you will also find the Fruit of the Spirit CD series which have background music tracks on them which makes it super easy for performing songs in church.

great big god

I came across Sound Bingo about a year ago and instantly fell in love.  The game comes with a CD full of sounds.  Just stick it in your CD player, hit randomize and you’re good to go.  My kids love it, and it’s teaching them to recognize the sounds of different musical instruments (among other things like animal sounds, a train, a flushing toilet, etc.).

sound bingo

Next to Usborne products, I love Melissa and Doug stuff the best.  I purchased this set for Ellie and can’t wait to give it to her.  Good activity for wintery days.

magnetic set

The older girls have been asking for a Nintento DS for ages.  I refuse to get them one for a number of reasons.   I had a good friend who was selling the V-Tech handheld system that she bought for her son a year ago, so I bought that from her along with several games.  I somehow feel better about video games if there is some educational value to them!  I got a good deal on it and the girls will never know (nor would they care) that it’s used!


That’s all!  Hope you got some good ideas for your own Christmas shopping!




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