You Ain’t Seen Cute, Til You’ve Seen This!

30 10 2009

B and L decided they wanted to be salt and pepper shakers for Halloween.  Isn’t that great?  It was totally their idea and I was sold on it from the first time they mentioned it.  A quick trip to the craft dept. at Wal-Mart, a few bucks, and one evening later, here they are:

October pics 045

Here’s a closer look at their “lids” an upside down tupperware bowl with a 10 inch cardboard circle on top, some metallic fabric, and black paper dots.

October pics 009

We thought long and hard about what Ellie should be and finally decided that she should fit into the theme somehow.   We considered another spice, then we brainstormed about what we put salt and pepper on, and came up with this:

October pics 038

Isn’t that the cutest little ear of corn you’ve ever seen???  Darling.  The tassles made me laugh so hard.

October pics 037

Ready to hit the street for some trick-or-treating:

October pics 039

Our neighbors loved them!

October pics 003

Here we are walking down our street.  I like to hand out candy too, but since we aren’t home, I bring it with us and hand it out to kids on the street.  That’s what that crate is under my arm, in case anyone wondered about that.  That crate is part of a set of 3 nesting crates that my dad hand made for me.  I will sell you the set for $7.4 million.  Just email if you’re interested.

October pics 023

And one more of my sweet baby corn on the cob.  Cute, I tell you, CUTE!

October pics 041

In other news, the Phillies are playing in the World Series which means my husband is a happy guy.  I just heard the National Anthem playing so I’m off to chill out on the couch and watch some baseball!




4 responses

30 10 2009

Yes, indeedy! CUTE!

31 10 2009

GREAT costumes!! that salt and pepper idea is so sweet. and the corn is the perfect addition! well done.

2 11 2009

That is so cute!!!

3 11 2009

Homemade costumes are BY FAR the best. Go crafty mama!

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