Catching Up is Hard to Do

10 11 2009

I spent the weekend in Gatlinburg, TN with a group of women from our church. We had a great time!  The scenery was gorgeous, the shopping was plentiful, the coffee flowed freely, and the laughter was refreshing.  I loved it!  I missed Conrad and the girls, though, and I was very happy to get back home and spend some time with them.

I was greeted by this letter from Bryn:

Dear Mommy,

I missed you when you whent on that trip.  You should of ben home.  We went to Dragon Buffet!  Then we went swimming!  We had lots of fun!

Your child,


I’m not sure if that was her attempt at making me feel guilty or not.  The reality is I don’t feel a bit guilty about it, and I’m really ok that they went to Dragon Buffet without me (a local Chinese food buffet that totally grosses me out, but Conrad and the girls love it).

On another note, the mountains of TN are gorgeous, no question about it.  But I grew up in Michigan where the land is flat, the miles are square and the driving is easy.  But, this weekend, I drove my mini-van around some treacherous turns on steep, narrow roads, and well, I didn’t really like it.   Roads like that make my armpits sweat.  I’m discovering that I need my flatland scenery close-by at all times.  Just keepin’ it real.

Even though Conrad did a great job at keeping the household running, there were still a lot of things waiting for my when I got home.  The laundry is underway, school papers have been sorted through, and the kitchen is restocked.   So it’s back to reality. . .it felt good to escape it for a few days, but it feels good to be back too!






3 responses

10 11 2009

first off, i like your title. 🙂

second, i’m jealous of a ladies’ weekend away. 🙂 next time i’d like to go, too. ok? sigh…don’t i wish.

thirdly, i like chinese food, but the name dragon buffet makes me feel a little queasy. 🙂

miss you.

11 11 2009

I can’t wait to see all of you this wkend!

17 12 2009

Hey Vicki, I’m just catching up on your blog, and wanted to tell you that I love your brutal honesty, it makes me smile 🙂
I hope you guys have a great Christmas!!!

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