And Then the Sky Opened and God Looked Down and Laughed at Me

11 11 2009

I am an optician.  I love my job.  But every now and then, something stressful happens and it makes me a little crazy. and jittery. and twitchy.

Two years ago, a patient walked in our office to pick up her new glasses.  I got them all adjusted, made sure she could see okay, and complimented her on how nice they looked.  She was all ready to go and she said, “Oh, before I leave, do you mind straightening up my old glasses?”  Sure, no problem.

I took her old glasses, heated them up, went to do a slight adjustment and felt a pop.  I looked down and her glasses were broken in half.  Ugghh.  It’s a sickening feeling.

Now, breaking glasses used to be part of my life on a fairly regular basis.  When you spend a good part of your day straightening, repairing, or tweaking a  pair of glasses, you’re bound to have a few snap.  Well.  I’ve gotten better over the years and I rarely break glasses anymore.  In fact the last time I broke a pair of glasses was in the story I just told you about.

Fast forward two years.  The SAME PATIENT walked in the door to pick up her new glasses.  The temple needed some adjusting, so I walked back to my tools, heated the frame, and . .

(You’re all cringing because you can feel this coming, I know)

snapped the temple in half!  I am not joking!  I uttered a four letter word (did you know pastor’s wives do that every now and then? I think I’m allowed something like two 4-letter words a year, after that I’m not sure what happens.  I’ll have to dig out my theology books), felt my face get bright red and then turned to face the patient.  How do you explain that to somebody??

Well, I was half laughing- despite my great embarrassment- and when I told her what happened she started laughing too.  When I was convinced that she was being a good sport about it,   I explained to her that breaking her glasses two times (and no one else’s in between) was clearly all her fault because she was bad luck to me and well, what other explanation is there?  The crazy thing is that she made her way to the front desk to pay the rest of her bill and as her receipt was being printed the printer stopped working!

Crazy.   It gave us all a good laugh but I’ll be surprised if that dear patient lets me anywhere near her glasses again!  Can’t say I blame her.




One response

11 11 2009

Vicki – I feel your pain! Been there – done that! Now if I could just go two years without stabling my hand/fingers with the screw driver!!!

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