Just in Case You’re Wondering

3 12 2009

I’m still alive, but it’s back to bullet points:

  • We were in Pennsylvania over Thanksgiving to spend some time with Conrad’s family.  We also celebrated Christmas while we were there.  GREAT time together.
  • I am up to my eyeballs in Usborne Books.
  • I am still taking two classes at the gym.  I hate jumping jacks.  When the instructor says anything about jumping jacks, I want to curl up into the fetal position and cry.  Right there on the gym floor.  Did you know that in addition to jumping jacks, there are super jacks, power jacks, and one-arm jacks?  Yup.  I hate them all.  And if your name is Jack, I don’t like you right now either.
  • I am watching my 13 month old nephew today while my sister spends her day as a substitute teacher.  I love  that little guy!
  • Christmas just keeps getting closer and I just keep chillin’ out because I’m done, done, done with my shopping!  I am still planning to do some baking but that’s the easy part.
  • I’ve got a hot date with my husband tonight.  Dinner and a movie and maybe we’ll look at a new video camera. . .that’s what we’re hoping to purchase for Christmas this year.  If you’ve got any great advice for us when it comes to cameras, we’ll take it!
  • B and L have been coming home from school with stories of girls not talking to them because somebody is mad at somebody else and so now they’re not talking and somebody isn’t friends with them anymore and on and on and on. . .It’s like I’ve always said:  If you get enough women together, there’s bound to be drama at some point.  I just didn’t think it started this early.
  • Off to chase down Conner.  Having a one year old around is a lot of work!  Can you imagine that I used to have two one-year olds to chase around??  I think I’ve blocked out most of that stage of my life. . .I just have general memories of utter exhaustion.



One response

4 12 2009

Playground politics – not fun. Hard for kids that age to understand which friends to stick with and which ones to let go. We’re dealing w/ the same thing! As long as we can keep our kids talking to us, we’ll be okay 🙂

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