Christmas Highlights (So Far)!

22 12 2009

I had no intention of waiting this long to update (sorry Aunt Linda), but, well, I have no excuse.

So, we’ve been busy, just like everyone else, but we’re also working really hard to keep life manageable and even fun during this season.  Last night we threw a rather spontaneous gift-wrapping party.  We called a bunch of friends and told them to bring the stuff they needed to wrap and a snack.  We extended the dining room table, put on some hot water for hot chocolate and tea, turned on a good football game and wrapped presents together!  So much fun!

I also spent a morning in the kitchen making lasagna and meatballs so that I have meals easily accessible for the next few days.  I refuse to spend Christmas day slaving away in the kitchen.  I have better things to do, such as snuggle with my kids, read lots of stories, play with their new toys, and drink coffee.

We woke up to snow on Saturday morning and the girls got up, ate breakfast, and immediately starting suiting up to head outside.  The older two got dressed all by themselves and Ellie only needed a little help.  We sent them outside then watched from the window as they worked together to build a snowman.  Conrad looked at me and said, “Wow, this is the first snow man they’ve ever built without me.”  And that made me cry.  Don’t ask.  And then Conrad looked at me real funny-like which made me laugh and the next thing I know I was a blubbering idiot right there in my living room.

On another note,we spent last weekend in Frankenmuth, Michigan with my dad and my siblings and their families.  My family is hilarious and every time we’re together I spend a good part of the time laughing so hard that I’m not really making any noise.  Good times.  We watched entirely too much “Larry the Cable Guy” and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

While we were there, I gave my brother the best gift in gift-giving history.  And I didn’t even draw his name.  But you know how sometimes you come across a gift and it just speaks to you and you think, “You know, Christmas just wouldn’t be complete if this gift wasn’t unwrapped on Christmas morning.”  Well,I had that moment in the middle of Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago.  So, despite the fact that I hadn’t drawn his name, I decided to spend $10 in the spirit of true giving and all things selfless.  Here it is in all it’s hilarity:

Because everyone needs an Obama paper doll set.  I don’t care who you are, that right there is a funny gift.




One response

22 12 2009

Yes, I definitely look forward to your posts!!!

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Chad opened the present of the century!!!!!!!! That was great. It probably went over about as well as it would at my house.

Love you,

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