Winter Storm!

9 01 2010

We’ve had our first major snowstorm this year in central Ohio.  It’s fun-I’ll admit- but it’s still nothing compared to the snowstorms I remember from my childhood days in mid-Michigan.  But, I’ll take what I can get.  The combination of the snow and my new camera (Hooray!) has inspired this post.  So here goes:

This little yellow playhouse looks like something out of a fairytale with all  that white snow!  Many mudpies have been made in our little playhouse, hand made by Papa several years ago.

Looking out my kitchen window, this is what I see:  a huge cemetery. . .it’s beautiful in the snow!

This kind of weather calls for only one thing:  Sledding!!

And where do we go sledding in the flatlands of the mid-west?  In our backyard, oh yes we do!  The cemetery has some beautiful hills. . .the trick is to find a path without any, um, stones in the way.

And one more, just because I love it:

No, my darling little girl does not have an out-of-control beard.  Just a negligent mother who didn’t feel like dealing with pony-tails today.




One response

11 01 2010

ah – love the sledding pics! too cute 🙂

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