Darling Daughter #3

18 01 2010

My youngest daughter, Ellie, is charming.  She regularly comes up to me and says sweet things, like, “Mommy, I chuth love you” or “Mommy, I chuth wanna snuggle wif you.”

She’s pretty laid back.  Definitely the most laid back of my offspring.

And she’s very girly.  She loves dresses, toe nail polish, and jewelry.

After looking at these pictures, you might be shocked at what I’m about to tell you.  But the truth must be told, so here goes:

Apparently, there was a little incident yesterday in the church nursery.  A reliable source (Ellie) told me that Abriley (a darling, red-headed, 2 year old) was playing with a puzzle that Ellie wanted.  Ellie asked her for it, but Abriley said no.

I suppose a well-trained child would have said, “No problem.  You have fun with the puzzle and I’ll find another toy.”  But that wouldn’t make a blog-worthy story, no siree.

Ellie wasn’t taking no for an answer, and well, Ellie hauled off and punched Abriley.  Right in the face.  There was blood.  Abriley’s lip was busted open and her eye had a mark on it too.

I saw Abriley being carried out of the nursery with blood on her mouth, in search of her mother, and I thought, “Poor thing, I wonder what happened.”  How was I supposed to know that my daughter was responsible for the mayhem?

Sigh.  I’m trying to raise her right, y’all, I really am.   But there are some things beyond my control.  What happens in the nursery is only one of them.




5 responses

18 01 2010

Whoa, I thought girls were supposed to slap or use fingernails, not smash someone with an all out punch! You are doing fine, Vicki, if those are the worst of your troubles.

18 01 2010

Wow. Poor Abriley…

19 01 2010


Didn’t you break your sister’s finger or was it the other way around?

19 01 2010

sorry, i have to laugh. but only because it isn’t my kid. 🙂 did you tell Bryn and Lydia to watch out? 🙂

20 01 2010

haha Rhonda! Bryn and Lydia are well aware of Ellie’s temper. They’ve been pinched and hit so many times I’ve lost count! Bryn was a biter when she was 18 months-2 years or so. I thought maybe I bypassed this stage with Ellie, but apparently she’s just a little late!

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