A Prayer for Haiti

19 01 2010

I spent 9 months living in Israel after my first year of college.  During that time, I attended an Anglican church.  The church was so different from the one I had grown up in, but I quickly grew to love it and I still have a deep appreciation for the many things I learned by being a part of that congregation.

During that time, corporate prayer and confession became a very meaningful part of worship to me.  I discovered that something powerful happens when the whole congregation stands together to confess our failings as humans and our desperate need for Jesus.  The time of confession was followed by a time of petition before the Lord for our community, our neighbors, ourselves, etc.

This weekend, I came across a book of prayers and petitions.  As I was flipping through it I was deeply moved by the beautifully written prayers.  The thought occurred to me that it would be nice to write one of the prayers here, in an effort to unite our hearts in praying for our neighbors in Haiti.  I find that when I am overwhelmed with a situation (such as the devastation in Haiti), it is helpful to have a written prayer to help me say what I can’t find the words for on my own.  So I encourage you to join with me in a petition before our Mighty God:

Lord Jesus, fulfillment of the covenant, Lord, have mercy.

Christ Jesus, shepherd who seeks the lost, Christ, have mercy.

Lord Jesus, light in our darkness, Lord, have mercy.

Israel’s God is faithful from generation to generation; therefore, we present our concerns before the Most High:

That all peoples would open their hearts to be quick to forgive and ready to seek reconciliation, we pray to the Lord:

That all nations respond to the cry of the hungry with effective aid and productive policies, we pray to the Lord:

That victims of natural disaster- earthquake, flood, windstorm, drought, heat, or cold- receive the help they need to rebuild their lives, we pray to the Lord:

That boys and girls who have disappeared and youth who live in the streets find shelter and a warm welcome from people who care, we pray to the Lord:

That the community of the Lord Jesus Christ reach out to those far and receive them with joy.

God of heaven and earth, you seek out the lost until they are safe.  Draw us and all our brothers and sisters close to your side.  we ask this in the name of the Good Shepherd, Christ Jesus our Lord.




2 responses

19 01 2010

beautifully said.

(it also brought back so many good memories!)

21 01 2010

Thanks for sharing that prayer. My heart is crying out for Haiti and it is so hard to see these Hatians suffering. I can not fathom what they are going through right now. I can’t grumble about anything…I am so blessed!
Pray for my brothers, Kendall and Jared…they are on there way there and should arrive on Thursday. I imagine it will be a life changing experience for them.

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