On a Lighter Note

21 01 2010

B and L have been taking speech classes for the last several weeks in an effort to correct some sounds they are having trouble with.  They both say an “F” sound in place of “Th”  such as, “My birf-day is coming up” or “Time to take a baf.”  So we’ve been practicing a lot of words, including counting from 30-40.  I’m happy with their progress, and I feel like, for the most part,  it’s really just a matter of breaking some bad habits.

They were getting ready to walk out the door for school, and I did my annoying-mother check list:  Do you have your hat, gloves, lunch money, homework, etc.  I then asked if they have their speech-homework ready.  Lydia looked at me and in a very exasperated tone said, “Mommy, today is Wednesday.  We only have speech class on Tuesdays and Fursdays.”

Some exciting changes are coming to this blog. . .stay tuned!




2 responses

21 01 2010

Well, since today is Fursday…. That gave me my chuckle for the day, Vic!

22 01 2010

hahaha. 🙂 looking forward to the exciting changes! 🙂 I love your new header!

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